Benefits of Fishing

While everyone can enjoy fishing, many people don’t realize the positive effects fishing has on one’s mind & body. Fishing is not only a great way to spend time with family and friends, but it is also a great way to spend time in peaceful surroundings. Fishing is largely about connecting with the environment and embracing the environment, no matter where you may be. Some of the many benefits of fishing are:

Fishing helps you stay fit & active

Fishing is a great way to stay active and physically fit. Studies have shown the color green, makes exercise feel easier. The color green is found in nature, from trees, to grass to water. Studies have also shown that people who engage in outdoor activities show less mood disturbances and reported they felt like they exerted less energy when around the color green. While fishing may not seem like a high energy sport, the activity itself typically comes with a fair amount of hiking, climbing, navigating through/around water, etc. Not to mention wrestling with this year’s trophy fish!

Fishing helps reduce stress

While most of us have busy lives, jobs, family, various responsibilities, most of the time we never get a chance to relax. Fishing is a great way to escape these things for a few hours. It allows you to unwind and decompress, leaving behind the pressures of everyday life for a few hours. Being near the water and hearing the gentle sounds it makes is a peaceful experience that can reduce stress all on its own.

Helps you unplug & reconnect

According to recently compiled data, the average American spends around 11 hours a day interacting with some type of media, whether it is by listening, watching, or reading. By spending so much time in the digital world, we lose our bond with nature, which can be detrimental to one’s health (mental & physical). Unplugging from the digital world, even just for a few hours, can have an enormous positive impact on one’s overall health, clear your mind and recharge your soul. It also provides a chance to appreciate the time spent catching your own food rather than buying it from the store.

Increases your Vitamin D

Just by being outside your body can fill up depleted Vitamin D reserves. Vitamin D is important in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, as well as keeping your bones & teeth healthy. Vitamin D also aids in boosting your immune system and has been linked to being an effective way of fighting depression.

Fishing may improve your concentration

Spending time outdoors leads to changes in the brain, which can lead to improved levels of concentration.

Fishing improves self esteem

Fishing has a lot to do with setting and attaining goals. By reaching these goals it can also help to boost your self esteem. Fishing is also a skill you can pass on to other generations, and spending time with family/friends promotes a feeling of security, which can also help in bolstering one’s self esteem.

These are just a few ways fishing can positively impact your life. To discover other positive impacts of fishing book your charter today!