Some of the Best Freshwater Bait For Charter Fishing

When you book a Milwaukee or Racine based charter fishing trip with Jack’s Charter Fishing, you get all of our captains expertise, knowledge of Lake Michigan and Wisconsin waters, and peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about forgetting any equipment for a successful day charter fishing. While you may not need to worry about what fishing bait is best, it is always a good idea to have an idea of what bait works best for the species you are looking to catch.

Leeches: Leeches are great for attracting walleye or panfish. Fish are attracted to the leeches swimming motion, as they adapt to the water temperature. You can typically purchase leeches at your local tackle store.

Minnows: It is a well known fact that big fish eat little fish. This is a main reason why minnows make such nice bait. Many freshwater fish, trout, pike, walleye, and bass eat minnows. You can either purchase minnows are your local tackle shop, or you can catch your own.

Frogs: Believe it or not, these tiny creatures can also make effective bait. You will want to attach them to your line in a way that they are still able to move naturally in the water. This lures fish in and makes for easier catching. Smallmouth and largemouth bass are especially drawn to frogs. Frogs are best used as bait near lily pads, or in deeper waters.

Night Crawlers: Everyone knows that fish eat worms. Worms make an easy meal, and are nice bait for catching most species of freshwater fish. Worms are also easily found at almost any tackle shop, or you can catch you own. Nightcrawler (also known as red worms) are probably the safest bet for catching freshwater fish.

Insects: Grasshopper, crickets, ants, and beetles are some of the most common types of insects to be used to catch freshwater fish, especially sunfish or trout. Often insects are used during spring fishing, as this is due to the abundance of insects that are out, and the fact that fish are already looking for them. You can choose to catch your own, or they should be available at your local tackle store.

It is important to speak with your Lake Michigan charter fishing captain to determine what charter fishing bait is best for the species you are looking to catch. Call ahead if you have a preference and our team will see what we can do to accommodate your request. The next time you are in the Racine or Milwaukee area, give us a call to book your next Lake Michigan fishing adventure!