Brown Trout & Steelhead Ice Fishing Charter Trips

Our crew at Jack’s Charter Fishing is gearing up for an exciting winter ice fishing season! From December 15, 2021 through mid-March 2022, our guides offer river trips in Milwaukee and Racine for World Class Brown Trout and Huge Steelhead. Our team utilizes Automatic Fisherman, which are set up in close proximity to our heated eskimo ice shacks. For those who want to jig in the shelter, we also offer jigging rods.

During the winter months, brown trout and steelhead make their way to rivers and marinas as they are getting ready to spawn during the winter. By January, the ice is typically thick enough in the harbors and marinas for guided ice fishing trips. Milwaukee and Racine boast World Class Trophy Brown Trout that people travel from all over the world to catch. Often rivers will open up in February and we will again return to guided river trips for steelhead and brown trout. Depending upon the weather, March can be a transitional month. Late season guided ice fishing trips can be fruitful for both steelhead and brown trout.

Fun fact, Southeastern Wisconsin is known as the only place in the world where you can catch 20 pound (or larger) brown trout through the ice!

Jacks Charter Fishing also offers inland ice fishing trips for Northern, Walleye and Panfish on various Southeast Wisconsin lakes. For these trips, we also set up our heated Eskimo ice shacks and provide jigging for those who wish to do so. For all guided trips we also provide rods, reels, tackle & bait.

For your next ice fishing trip, call our crew at Jack’s Charter Fishing to schedule your charter ice fishing excursion today!