Brown Trout & Steelhead Shore Fishing: What to Know Before Booking

Are you interested in reeling in some of the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? Are you eager to experience shore fishing alongside some of the top fishing talent in the industry? Have you thought about taking a fishing charter, but aren’t too keen on spending the day on a boat? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then a shore fishing excursion is perfect for you! Booking a guided shore fishing charter with a trusted company like Jack’s Charter Fishing, is a great way to learn a new fishing technique or to challenge yourself by reeling in a steelhead. Below, we discuss the ins and outs of a shore fishing trip, and why you should book one for your next fishing trip.

What Kind of Fish Do We Catch?

On a guided shore fishing tour, you can expect to catch both brown trout and steelhead. These types of fish start to become more active in March as the ice melts off of the rivers and tributaries. Throughout spring and fall, brown trout fishing and steelhead fishing become very successful, making it very likely that you will reel in several brown trout and steelhead on your charter. Steelhead are some of the most aggressive fish that we fish for. This provides seasoned fishers with a chance to challenge themselves by reeling one in. Steelhead are extremely acrobatic, which means many of them can be seen jumping out of the water as you wrangle them onto shore. With the help of our experienced captains, you can catch one for yourself, and can even take some home to cook up as steelhead are excellent for eating. 

What Fishing Techniques & Equipment Do We Use?

Just like the name suggests, shore fishing takes place along the shores of various rivers and tributaries. Because of this, fly fishing is our preferred fishing technique for shore excursions. With fly fishing, we use boots or waders, spinning gear, and spawn sacs under floats. Boots and waders allow us to walk farther out into the river to catch the brown trout and steelhead while keeping our clothes dry. Spinning gear is a hybrid fishing lure that encourages the fish to bite, while spawn sacs are excellent for specifically attracting steelhead. By using these techniques, we attract steelhead and brown trout to bite, so you can keep reeling them in.

Booking A Shore Fishing Charter

Now that you know the ins and outs of our shore fishing tours, book one today with Jack’s Charter Fishing. Still have more questions about our brown trout and steelhead shore charters? Call us at 414-482-2336 and our expert staff will answer all your questions and get you ready for your next fishing trip with us!