Corporate Summer Charter: A Fun Day To Get Out Of the Office!

Benefits of Corporate Outings

Getting out of the office to do something with colleagues is a great way to strengthen communication, increase productivity, and raise company morale.

  • Strengthen Team Communication. By planning a fun company outing, you are encouraging colleagues to communicate in a setting outside of work, which can help them connect and communicate more effectively in the office. Strengthening team communication can also be helpful for newer employees to strengthen bonds and relationships with veteran employees. Giving employees a chance to connect with their colleagues helps foster a more productive and positive work environment, leading to happy and helpful workers.  
  • Increase Productivity. By providing employees with a chance to work with colleagues outside of the office in a new and interesting way, their work in the office will improve, fostering a sense of collaboration and teamwork. Corporate outings also increase productivity, because it allows employees a chance to recharge their batteries before coming back to work ready to work with their team.
  • Raise Company Morale. There’s nothing like a day away from the office, working with your colleagues in a creative way to lift you from the monotony of work. When companies plan events for their employees, they are demonstrating that they not only care about their employees’ work ethic, but also, about who they are as human beings. This is important for retaining employees, and building a positive work environment that your employees will want to be a part of.

Now that you’ve explored the benefits, it’s time to decide what kind of corporate outing you want to plan. Below, we explore some fishing charters that would be excellent for your summer corporate event or team building exercise. 

Fishing Charters: A Perfect Corporate Outing

Once you’ve decided to book a fishing charter, it’s important to select the right charter company for your corporate outing. The team at Jack’s Charter Fishing is the perfect choice for companies throughout the Great Lakes Area, especially in Racine and Milwaukee. Charter fishing on beautiful Lake Michigan is an experience everyone will enjoy. Whether they are avid anglers or first-time fishermen, our crew brings fun and passion to every charter trip. While 6 passengers are allowed per charter boat on Lake Michigan, we can book you up to 20 boats, which can accommodate up to 120 people. We even offer catering and beverage services, making Jack’s Charter Fishing the perfect choice for your summer corporate outing. 

Book Your Corporate Event

Decide between a variety of fishing charters offered, like  Salmon & Trout Fishing Charters or Walleye & Smallmouth Charters. Then, book your trip, or call Jack’s Charter Fishing at 414-482-2336, and they will help you plan your summer outing today!