Destination: Lake Michigan

Do you live near Southeast Wisconsin, northeastern Illinois, or northwestern Indiana? Does a day on the lake, reeling in a variety of fish sound like a perfect day? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you are in luck, because Lake Michigan is a popular fishing destination! Being so close to such a large lake allows residents of Kenosha, Port Washington, and the Chicagoland area to experience world class fishing, right in their backyard. Boasting a plethora of ports and hosting a sleuth of tournaments means Lake Michigan is a hub for professional anglers and novices alike! Having the second largest volume of water of all the Great Lakes means that anyone is bound to experience excellent fishing on this magnificent lake.

An Angler’s Dream

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice angler, Lake Michigan offers the opportunity to catch various species of fish, making it a popular choice among anglers. Some of Lake Michigan’s popular fish species include walleye, perch, salmon, trout and even steelhead.

While fishing in this vast lake, it’s also important to remember the endangered species that also calls Lake Michigan home, such as sturgeon. If you wrangle a sturgeon while fishing in Lake Michigan, make sure to release these fish back into the wild after snapping your photos. This helps repopulate their dwindling numbers and ensures they continue to call this lake home. Knowing details like the catch and release policy for sturgeons is one of the many reasons why booking a charter is beneficial. Not only can the experienced captains help to identify the difference between which species are important to catch and release and which are fine to keep, they also ensure that you have the best experience on your fishing excursion. For example, Jack’s Charter Fishing has a “No Fish, No Charge” policy that ensures you catch fish, or your money back!

All Weather Fishing

Before heading out to the lake, It is also important to know what seasons are the most popular for catching certain species of fish in Lake Michigan. The type of fish you catch and the type of experience you get vary greatly depending on the fishing season you select. Early April is best for brown trout, while steelhead and lake trout prefer the warmer waters as the season progresses into summer. Coho Salmon are the most abundant at the end of the season, before the water begins to cool down again.

However, spring and summer are not the only times to experience great fishing. Winter is a great time for the one-of-a-kind experience of  ice fishing. During the winter season, it is still best to hire a fishing guide to lead you to areas where fishing is best for salmon, trout, pike, perch, and walleye. Having an exceptional guide, like the experienced captains at Jack’s Charter, will also ensure that you have the proper equipment to stay warm while you catch the fish that you want.

Let Jack’s Charter Fishing Help

Whether you are looking for a great family trip, a unique corporate event, or a bountiful day of serious fishing, Jack’s Charter has the perfect fishing charter for you. Still not sure if Jack’s Charter is the right choice for your next fishing excursion? Check out their gallery full of fellow customers that trusted the expertise of Jack’s Charter and left the experience with plenty of new fish stories to tell! Call today at 414-482-2336 to book your next charter, or to begin booking for our 2023 season in Milwaukee or Racine!