Giants Are In!

Giants are in…if you are looking to catch a Giant King Salmon the time is now. 2 more Kings in the past few days over 30lbs, that makes 6 over 30lbs for the year. Huge fish this year with all of the bait in Lake Michigan. Off Shore Tackle planer boards are a huge part of our success because they run better in rough water.

We have the following weekend dates available for all of you that have been trying to get in all year.
Sept. 14th 6am or 12pm
Sept. 15th 6am or 12pm
Sept. 21st 12pm
Oct. 5th 12pm
Oct. 6th 6am or 12pm

A big thank you to everyone that fished with us the past few days. Thank you for your continued business. Give Jack’s Charter Service a call at 414-482-2336 to book your trip today. We Catch More Fish!