How To Obtain A Fishing License In Wisconsin

So, you’ve decided to book a charter with Jack’s Charter Fishing. Good choice! You won’t find a more experienced or knowledgeable crew that can guarantee you’ll catch fish on your trip! You’ve booked your charter, but now it’s time to prepare for your trip. The good news is, our captains provide you with all the equipment you’ll need to reel in the fish: rods, waders, ships. So no need to worry if you’ve got the materials you need. We’ve got you covered!

The next step is to ensure that you are legally allowed to fish in Wisconsin on our charters. This part is up to you, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, we walk you through the steps to obtaining your Wisconsin Fishing License. Whether you’re a Wisconsin resident or not, we’ll help you get your license squared away so you’re all set for your charter!

Steps for Wisconsin Residents

Whether you are a Wisconsin resident or not, you will need to obtain a Wisconsin Fishing License before embarking on your charter with Jack’s Charter Fishing. There are two ways to obtain your Wisconsin resident fishing license: online from the DNR or at a local fishing store. 

To obtain your fishing license online, go to the Wisconsin DNR website. Once there, click on the general fishing license option. A chart will open up displaying the different fishing license options available for residents. This includes an annual fishing license, which is $20 for residents, as well as various stamps. It is important that your fishing license includes a Great Lakes Trout/Salmon Stamp. Adding this stamp on your license will cost an extra $10. This annual license is valid from April 1 through March 31 of the following year. 

However, if you are just looking for a license to cover you while you are on your charter with us, you can opt for the 2-Day Great Lakes Fishing license, which includes the needed Great Lake Salmon/Trout stamp. Going with this option only costs $14, but will only be applicable for two days. 

If you are more interested in getting your fishing license at a local fishing store, make sure you tell them you need the Great Lake Salmon/Trout stamp so that you have everything you need before your charter. Stores like Cabelas, Gander Outdoors, Walmart, Farm and Fleet or a Wisconsin bait shop are great places to go for your license.

Make sure you weigh your options before getting your license. Are you an avid angler and would a year-long fishing license be a better fit? This option saves you money in the long run and prevents having to get a license multiple times. Or, are you just looking for something to cover you on your trip? Mull these questions over and decide which license is best for you as a Wisconsin resident. 

Steps for Non-residents

Just like Wisconsin residents, non-residents that booked a charter with us need to obtain a proper fishing license before their scheduled trip. Just like with residents, you have options! But, it may be easier for non-residents to obtain their Wisconsin fishing license online as a trip to a local Wisconsin fishing store may be a bit more challenging. Either way, your steps are very similar to Wisconsin residents.

Non-residents can obtain their license online through the Wisconsin DNR website. Once there, select the Nonresident fishing option. A chart will appear showing you the various license options and prices for non-residents. You’ll notice that the annual fishing license price is higher at $50. If you fish in Wisconsin often, this may be a good option to consider. 

However, if you are just looking to cover yourself during the charter, you will want to select the 2-Day Great Lakes Fishing license. Just like with residents, this license comes with the needed Great Lake Salmon/Trout stamp and is only $14. Choosing this option is the most cost effective and ensures you are covered for your fishing charter with Jack’s Charter Fishing. 

Ready for Your Fishing Charter

Once you’ve obtained your Wisconsin fishing license, you are ready for your trip with Jack’s Charter Fishing! If you are curious about what else to pack or prepare, review this list to help you or browse our FAQs to gain more valuable information before embarking on your charter.