How to Prep for a Guided River Trip

What to Wear

Guided River Trips are 5 hours in length and require lots of standing and wading into the rivers and tributaries. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that are easy to move around in to ensure your maximum level of comfort while on the guided trip. 

Make sure your clothes are flexible or loose enough to move your arms around freely. This will ensure you are able to reel in acrobatic fish, like steelhead, with as much ease as possible.  

On these guided tours, we fish in boots or waders from shore. We, of course, provide all the equipment you will need to wade into the water. But, we recommend wearing fast-drying or water wicking materials. These materials will keep you dry and warm during the spring river trips and will keep you cool and protected from the sun in the warmer summer months. 

Make sure you check the weather for the entire day and bring enough layers to keep you comfortable for the whole 5 hour river trip.

What to Pack 

While our knowledgeable and experienced captains have all of the fishing equipment and waders you will need on your river trip, it is important to make sure you are prepared for all facets of the trip. We recommend reviewing over the list below and packing these items to ensure your trip is as enjoyable as possible.

  • Seasickness Medication: Charters cut short due to seasickness are charged the full price. So come prepared with seasickness medication to help you get the best out of your guided river trip. 
  • Sunscreen: Apply before the trip as well as bringing it with you to prevent sunburn or discomfort. We recommend wearing or bringing a hat as sun protection as well.
  • Camera: You’re going to be catching lots of incredible fish, so make sure you have a camera in order to document each glorious catch. 
  • Snacks: The guided river trip lasts a long time, so bringing some snacks will prevent hunger or frustration and will keep you enjoying your time.
  • Drinks: Bring water to keep you hydrated. Adults 21 and over are welcome to bring alcohol on the trip, but we recommend plastic bottles or cans as they are less likely to break. 
  • Raincoat: If it rains on the day of your trip, we will still continue on as scheduled as long as the waters are not unsafe. Therefore, preparing for the rain will help you enjoy the trip and stay dry.
  • Extra dry clothing: Just in case something happens and your clothes get wet out on the water, it’s good to have a dry change of clothes for your journey home.
  • Cooler: If you want to keep some of the fish you catch, we recommend bringing a cooler to transport the fish back to your home after the trip. If you want our captains to help clean, prepare and bag your fish, they are happy to do this at no extra charge.

What Else to Prep

For all participants 16 years and older, make sure you have a Wisconsin fishing license. It is important that you have purchased your license prior to your trip as our team does not have them available to purchase at the start of your trip. 

If you have additional questions about how to prepare for your guided river trip, review over the questions on our F.A.Q. page. If you still have questions about your upcoming trip, give us a call at 414-482-2336 and our expert staff will help with whatever you need.