Lake Michigan Trout & Salmon Facts

Like many large bodies of water, Lake Michigan is home to a wide variety of creatures, namely various species of fish. Some of the most common of these fish species are trout and salmon, which are regularly caught in Lake Michigan’s waters. However, what do you really know about these popular Lake Michigan fish? Below, we explore some interesting facts about these two species!

How Many Are There?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many salmon and trout are present in Lake Michigan. While hatcheries do release some salmon into Lake Michigan, around 53% of all salmon caught in Wisconsin waters are wild. As far as trout are concerned, it’s even harder to estimate. This is because lake trout are not managed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). While this government agency does breed lake trout in hatcheries, it does not have a role in determining the number of lake trout in Lake Michigan. Another factor making it difficult to gauge the population size is the decline in stocking. Both trout and salmon stocking of Lake Michigan has been declining since 2015. 

Despite these indistinct figures, we know that both species can be found in a variety of places in Lake Michigan. All you need is the right knowledge and equipment! If you trust in expert captains, like the ones at Jack’s Charter Fishing, you will have no trouble catching yourself some salmon and trout on your next Lake Michigan fishing trip. 

What Do They Eat?

Both salmon and trout feed on alewife, a species of herring found in North America. While this popular food has been dwindling in recent years, there are other food options available in the open waters of Lake Michigan, helping to maintain these species.

One of the main feeding differences is that lake trout eat less prey fish than salmon. According to the Michigan DNR, lake trout’s consumption of prey fish was 23.1 kt (kiloton) in 2015, while salmon’s was higher at 33.1 kt. It has also been found that salmon eat more alewife than trout. It is thought that the salmon’s diet consists of about 95% alewife, compared to that of the trout’s 60% or less.

Jack’s Charter: Experts in Salmon & Trout

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