Making Memories That Last: A Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Family Trip with Jack’s Charter Service

School’s out and summer is here! The kids are back at home and have a ton of time on their hands. While spending time to relax and unwind is important after the stress of the school year, too much time leads to boredom. To avoid boredom from setting in on your family this summer, plan some fun activities you can enjoy together. 

One great activity to experience as a family is visiting Lake Michigan and enjoying a day out on the water. While a beach day is wonderful, sometimes it’s nice to switch it up! Planning an excursion out on Lake Michigan, like a fishing charter, can be an excellent way to spend some quality time with family while enjoying the beauty of Lake Michigan.  Below, we walk you through planning your perfect summer family fishing trip with Jack’s Charter Service

Step 1: Pick a Charter

Fishing with family is a great way to spend a day in the summer. Jack’s Charter provides a variety of fishing trips that are perfect for the whole family. To start planning your trip, review the list below to help you decide which excursion is best for your family: 

  • Salmon & Trout Fishing Charter: This fishing charter is great for people that want a challenge. Salmon and trout can put up quite the fight, but are very rewarding to catch! If you choose this charter, you can either start in the morning or the middle of the day, and our captains offer 5, 6, or 8 hour long tours. These tours can hold up to six people, so if you’re looking for a charter for your larger family, this one is the perfect fit! 
  • Walleye & Smallmouth Fishing Charter: This tour takes you to Bay de Noc in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to catch walleye and smallmouth. Because this tour is in the Upper Peninsula, there are lodging expenses to stay at Lindberg’s Cove & Resort. This lodging offers spectacular views of Bay de Noc from your cozy cabin that’s only 50 feet from the water! This excursion can take up to three people and is an excellent option if you are looking for a longer family getaway.
  • Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Charter: This tour is offered in three-day packages, and all trips are five hours. We take groups of up to 3 people to Lake Erie to catch some walleye. Since this trip is multiple days, we help you book fully furnished condos in Port Clinton, Ohio. The condos are located on a 25-acre lake just minutes from the marina. This is a great option for those looking for a long weekend of family summer fun!
  • Guided River & Shore Fishing Charter: If you and your family are looking for a challenge and are interested in experiencing fly fishing in waders along rivers and tributaries, the guided river and shore fishing charter may be a great option! The tour is 5 hours long and can be for any number of people, which is another great option for families. 

Step 2: Book the Charter

Once you’ve decided on the charter that is best for your family getaway, it’s time to book your trip with Jack’s Charter! Give us a call at 414-482-2336 and we’ll get your summer family trip planned today! The best thing about Jack’s Charter Service is that we handle all the details. Boats, equipment, lodging, we’re here to help with all of it! We even give you a list of what you should bring on your trip! When it comes to family fun this summer, trust Jack’s Charter Service to provide excellent trips for your family!