Top 5 Reasons For Booking A Private Fishing Charter

Whether you are a midwest native, regular visitor or first time guest, a charter fishing trip is a great way to experience all that Wisconsin has to offer with Lake Michigan, landscapes, and of course, fishing! Charter fishing trips are also a great way to create memories with friends & family. Charter fishing is fun and exciting at any age! Below are just the top 5 of the many reasons to book a charter fishing trip on Lake Michigan.

1. Success

Our experienced captains know where the fish are and how to catch them. Bait, equipment and navigation to locations rich in salmon & trout are provided with each trip. Our captains will show you what you need to do to be successful! Unlike a self-guided trip, you are guaranteed to not come home empty handed.

2. Safety

Because of our expertise and experience, we know what to expect under almost any circumstances, and will therefore make your fishing trip as safe as possible. In addition to this, a fishing charter service provides you with a reliable boat and all of the necessary safety equipment if something were to happen.

Group Charter Fishing

3. Instruction

Even if you are new to fishing, our seasoned captains can show you everything you need to know! In no time at all, they’ll have you feeling right at home on the water and catching fish like a pro!

4. Relaxation

No planning ahead! You get to leave all of the details to the captain and crew. No need to worry about navigating, locating fish, making sure you have enough bait and poles or anything else! You simply get to relax and enjoy the trip.

5. Great for Groups

Charter fishing is great for groups, be it family and friends or a corporate outing. It is adventurous and everyone will have a good time! It allows the memorable experience of being on the water, but with none of the hassle!

Jack’s Charter Service will make your first or next fishing trip on Lake Michigan an unforgettable one! View our Rates & Packages page to learn more, or book a trip today! Our crew looks forward to providing you with a safe, fun and memorable experience!

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