Should You Take Your Child Fishing?

Fishing Can Be More Than Just Fun For Your Child

When most people think about fishing, they think about the calm peacefulness that a day in nature often brings.

Fishing is an ancient activity that has been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries. It’s a great way for individuals, families and groups of friends to spend quality time together, while having some fun and practicing a skill. Fishing gives you an opportunity to be at one with nature, escape from all the chaos of everyday life and appreciate being surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Fishing also offers many physical and mental benefits in addition to providing entertainment. Aside from the exercise associated with casting a line and reeling it in, fishing can have calming effects on your mental wellbeing too. The peacefulness of the open water can help reduce stress levels and give you much needed respite from modern day anxieties.

Fishing can be a great activity for the young ones! It provides children an opportunity to get outside and spend quality time with family or friends, while also teaching important life lessons. Not only can fishing be fun, but it can also offer physical and mental benefits that are essential for growing children.


When fishing with children, safety should always take precedence. It is crucial to ensure there are enough life vests for all children on board, and that the children are wearing one at all times. Proper foot gear is also important. Ensure any kids on board are aware of the danger of hooks, and any other obstacles that may be on board.
We all know that weather is unpredictable. To be prepared for any of the elements, plan ahead by bringing raincoats, extra SPF, and wear your most boat-safe, comfortable shoe.


Fishing is often a sport of patience. This is a great way to teach children that they may catch more fish by remaining quiet and still, as fish are startled by loud noises or sudden movements. Twitching or gently moving your bait in the water may be a great way to get fish to notice their next “meal.” However, it is important to remember to not immediately reel in when you feel the first nibble, wait for the bobber to disappear, give a gentle tug (to set the hook), and then reel in.

Happy girls on boat showing off their catch on fishing trip.


While you want your kids to have a great experience fishing, you also want to teach them a few things while you are out on the water that will benefit them on future excursions. It is best to start with the simple things, such as how to properly hold a rod, and how a reel operates.
Once your children have these basics down you can show them how to bait a hook, tie simple knots, or if you are feeling adventurous, even how to remove a hook from a fish’s mouth (gently and carefully, of course).

Proper Gear

Think simple! For children the primary goal is to teach them the basics of fishing. This should include a pole with a bobber, live bait, and spinning reel. Lures may be a bad idea, as they require some skill for a proper cast, and it is best to avoid complicated reel systems. One major perk of a bobber, for kids, is that they can monitor where their line is, which allows them to get a visual location of their bait, and when a fish strikes.
It is essential to ensure any children are dressed appropriately, long pants, tennis shoes or waterproof boots, appropriate shirts or jackets (depending on the season. A hat or eyewear may also help to keep sun out of their eyes, as well as add a layer of protection when teaching children to cast with a hook.


Teaching children the importance of conservation is a great way to foster respect for our environment and help preserve nature and conserve natural resources. By fishing responsibly and adhering to catch limits, we can ensure that Lake Michigan’s waterways will be healthy for future generations.
The process of fishing can also serve as a teaching moment for children, helping them understand why it’s important to conserve our environmental resources. As they take part in the act of fishing, kids can learn how their actions impact the environment around them and develop empathy for animals living in these habitats.
Through activities like participating in clean-up efforts or taking steps to reduce pollution, young people can gain an understanding of what it takes to protect our planet.

Jack’s Charter Service Is Kid Friendly!

While spending a day on Lake Michigan may be a great way to create a lifetime of memories, it can also be a great teaching tool for the kids in your life. Let our team at Jack’s Charter Fishing help you to instill a love for the outdoors, water, and most importantly the great sport of charter fishing. If you are in Milwaukee or Racine, contact us today to book your charter fishing trip!

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