Spring Fishing in Racine, WI

As the weather begins to warm and the days get longer, schools of Coho salmon begin the migration north from from the southern basin of Lake Michigan. These fish swim from Indiana & Illinois and have one thing on their mind, food. These salmon will put on enough weight to sustain their final journey to spawning.


These salmon are a favorite for anglers as they are not easily dissuaded from any potential meals; yes, this means your bait and hook as well. These Coho are looking for protein to sustain them on their several hundred mile journey. Besides anglers, Coho are also a favorite in the culinary world.

Spring is a great time to fish for these aquatic acrobats, however, they get this name for a reason. They are known to roll and wriggle, anything to spit the hook and continue on their journey. When you are fortunate enough to get one in the boat, you won’t be disappointed, these fish are typically above average in the waters off of Racine, WI.

If Coho aren’t your thing, don’t worry, this is a great time of year for catching Steelhead trout as well. Spring is the best time to locate spawning Steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Michigan in the Racine area.

Keep in mind that this time of year the weather is still fluctuating. Be sure to wear layers that are easy to take off and put back on. Windbreakers & non-skid rubber-soled shoes are a must have. For more tips on what to bring, see “Charter Fishing Essentials”.


Also, be prepared for anything. When you are out on the water, you can’t just run to the nearest store to pick up something you may have forgotten. So, bring an extra container of water, backup sunglasses, etc… Also, be sure to keep quiet, fish can hear extremely well, and can actually communicate with each other. For more tips, visit “10 Tips for a Successful Charter Fishing Adventure”.

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