The Ins & Outs of Walleye Fishing in Green Bay

The Bay of Green Bay is an excellent place to fish for one of the feistiest freshwater fish, the walleye. Walleye are one of the most challenging freshwater fish to catch. Fortunately, when you book a walleye fishing charter with a trusted company like Jack’s Charter Fishing, you won’t have any problems reeling walleyes in! Our Green Bay charters are stocked with all the fishing gear you’ll need to reel one in, and the knowledge of their patterns and behaviors to make catching one of these frisky fish a whole lot easier. 

Walleye Migration Patterns

One behavior, in particular, that our captains use when guiding a walleye fishing charter is a walleye’s migration pattern. Walleyes tend to migrate to areas of the lake that are choppy or murky. Because of this, walleye may be biting in one spot one day and a completely different one the next. Our captains are equipped with this knowledge and  know exactly where to take charters in the Bay of Green Bay to ensure the walleye are biting. 

Walleye Fishing Techniques: Spinners & Bait Fishing

When fishing for walleye, it’s good to know the proper technique to ensure the fish bite! Before you set off on your charter, we’ll review some of the basic techniques you’ll use on your walleye fishing charter

First, we’ll start with the basics: bait fishing. This is at the core of fishing, and works well for many fish, including walleye. When trying to catch walleye, we use smaller fish or creatures as bait on the hook to tempt the bigger fish to bite. Some common bait used in bait fishing are minnows, leeches, and worms. 

In addition to bait fishing, we utilize a specific type of fishing lure called a spinner when fishing for walleye. Below, we discuss some FAQs about spinner fishing technique.

What Are Spinners? 

Spinners are a type of bait used to attract larger species of fish, such as walleye. Spinners are successful because they imitate the movements patterns of smaller prey fish, luring the fish to bite. 

How Do Spinners Work?

Spinners work best when they are continuously moving. This is what gives them their fish-like qualities, causing walleye to think they are snacking on baitfish. To keep the spinners moving, our captains recommend reeling the line in at a brisk, steady pace. This allows the bait to spin and move like a smaller fish would. Keeping the spinner toward the surface of the water can also be helpful because the spinner can more easily catch the sun, reflecting the light toward the walleye swimming below and enticing them to bite.

Book Your Green Bay Walleye Fishing Tour

Now that you’ve learned more about the techniques we use to catch walleye, it’s time to book a charter, so you can try these techniques out in real life! Give our team a call at 414-482-2336 and we’ll get you set up for your Bay of Green Bay walleye fishing excursion.