Why is Charter Fishing Worth It?

Charter fishing is a very popular outdoor activity. It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation, or just have some free time; if there is a large body of water nearby, you can almost be guaranteed to find a charter fishing guide. We often get asked by potential clients, is it worth booking a charter?

So, your first question may be: What is charter fishing? Well, to put it in the most basic of terms, charter fishing is a fishing trip offered by professional fishers, which allows for guests to catch fish, while not having any of the stress of operating a boat, locating a good fishing area or ensuring you have all of the proper equipment (i.e. rods, reels, bait, etc.).

Fishing charters are popular for a number of reasons:

  • More economical than owning a boat

  • Less work than owning a boat

  • Great way to explore the area while on vacation

  • Fishing gear is provided (rods, reels, bait, etc.)

  • Better catches than onshore fishing

  • Your catch is cleaned and packaged at the end of every fishing charter

  • At Jack’s, our captains know the best spots to catch fish, are on the water 7 days a week, and have over 50 years of combined experience

Why are Fishing Charters worth it?

It’s no secret that booking a fishing charter can be more hands-on and intensive than sitting on a dock fishing. Below are some of the costs that we cover to help ensure that you have a successful trip.

  • Owning a boat is a hefty investment and time-consuming. You have to maintain it, buy gas, store it year round (dry dock & marina fees), as well as any updates the boat may need to get it sea worthy prior to season, including engine work, fish finder, batteries, safety equipment, and more.

  • Bait and fishing tackle (we often have to replace or fix lost or broken poles, lures, reels, nets, etc.)

  • Various types of insurance and permits are needed to ensure your trip is entirely legal and safe

  • Guides also need a license depending on where they offer their services

Shimano Rods & Reels

When you tally these costs up, booking a guided charter fishing experience is a great deal for the experience and all the fish you catch!

The next time you are on vacation in the Milwaukee or Racine area or are just looking for an enjoyable, stress free way to spend the day, call our team at Jack’s Charter Fishing for a pleasant day spent on beautiful Lake Michigan!