Children Can Benefit From Fishing

Living in the Midwest, there is a certain euphoria when the temperatures climb into the 60’s and 70’s and the days begin to get longer, especially after a long, cold winter, and months of dark, dreary days. Being out on Lake Michigan charter fishing is such a luxury during the warm, sunny summer months. No one knows this feeling better than children. They have been released from school and don’t have a lot of commitments; summer is a relatively stress free time for them. What better way for children to enjoy time outdoors and do something constructive than fishing?! There are many benefits to children picking up this relaxing hobby.

Fishing Can Build Confidence: As children become more successful and build their charter fishing skills, this will lead to building self-confidence and independence. This can lead to greater confidence in other areas of their lives, such as school, sports, even building and developing relationships with friends.

First Big Catch

Fishing Improves Motor Skills: Charter fishing is great for motor skills. Children have to learn how to cast, which includes learning when to let the fishing line go, how to reel in, etc. Children also have to learn the movements that work best for them so as not to break the line or pole, and most importantly what works best to catch a fish!

Fishing Allows For Coordination Improvement: Charter fishing takes balance and coordination (especially on a boat!). You have to be careful to not fall in the water, you need balance to reel in your fish, and you need coordination when casting so your fishing line lands in approximation to where you aim. You also need to pay attention to where your hook is at all times, so as not to injure yourself or anyone else.

Fishing Fosters Perseverance: Fishing takes patience. It also takes hard work, determination and perseverance. Charter fishing takes time and cannot be rushed, sometimes you need to wait hours for a catch, which teaches children that even if they don’t succeed right away they need to keep trying. Fishing teaches children a greater work ethic which is crucial to success later in life.

Fishing Improves Independence: Once children learn the basics of charter fishing, they need little supervision, at least until they hook a big fish. This means they can often fish for hours with little help. Increased independence also increases confidence.

Family Fishing Trip

Fishing Is All About Patience: Charter fishing teaches patience. It’s not a sport or hobby that leads to immediate gratification. Sometimes it is a mere minutes before you get a bite, other times it’s hours, and there are even days where you may not get anything; this does not happen much with the very experienced captains at Jack’s Charter Service. Patience is a skill that will benefit you your entire life, both personally and professionally.

Fishing Enhances Appreciation of Nature: Being outdoors is beneficial for children. It helps children learn to appreciate, understand and respect nature. Children learn to take care of the areas where they fish and take notice of their surroundings.

While there are a plethora of benefits for children from fishing, these are just a few. Your kids may even surprise you and put down their electronics! Contact us today to help with your little ones’ new hobby!